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Open since 2009

Dutch Owners

Mystique consists of a large bar area with secluded romantic corners, sofas and enof place to dance.

We are proud of the way our club has been designed to provide maximum pleasure and a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is welcome for a drink at our bar, you don’t have to be an experienced swinger to come in.

You are allowed to dress yourself in the bar anyway you feel like, normal clothes, sexy club clothes, boxers, latex, PVC, rubber, leather… anything sexy – CLOTHES/LINGERIE TO IMPRESS!! Only in the swinger/play area, past the lockers, it is mandatory to change clothes, out of respect for the playing couples….

Sex games are allowed in the bar, except the locker room, toilets, showers and smoking area !!


locker & towels

Play area/rooms

* We charge 5 euro deposit (Cash Only) for your Locker key, refund when you return your key at the reception.

* Towels will be provided, incluiding in the entrance fee
* Condoms are free ask in the bar (Safe Sex Always)

** We Offer the use of Flip Flops at the entrance for 2€ Deposit (Cash Only) refund when you bring them back as before!

After the Dressingroom/lockers, you find our Swinger Play area/rooms , in here it is mandatory to wear something other then normal clothes. No shoes/ sneakers are allowed in the play area for higiene reasons. No High heels on the beds.

The ladies can wear sexy clubwear, lingerie, underwear, transparent catsuits, transparent babydolls, etc….and the men wear (Clean & sexy ) boxers or slips.

THIS IS A COMMON AREA FOR ALL !! When the curtains or doors are closed it´s “private” but everyone can watch you play….you can lock the doors from the inside…our business policy is to create an erotic swinger admosphere !

You can enjoy our offered facilities including; many different playrooms (with doors or curtains – NOT 100% private ), Large orgy/ Gang Bang bed, Darkroom, French Wall (Glory hole), cage with swing & St Andrews cross, Large jacuzzi for 12 Persons, social corner, TV with Porn movies, showers and much more……

It is never an obligation to participate….NO MEANS NO!

Single men are not allowed to occupy a room alone, only at the invitation of a couple or single lady.

Be polite, if there is a problem, please notify one of the staff members.


In general most dress code is to “Dress to impress” – The key is sexy & elegant for the ladies and casual/classy/smart (preferable long trousers/nice jeans) for the gents.

No ripped, torn, dirty or broken clothes. No Sportswear, caps, hats, no beach clothes or beach flip flops, no shorts, unless they are smart shorts !

In our “SWINGER AREA” its not allowed to walk arround with your normal clothes. No shoes/ sneakers – no high heels on the beds.

The ladies can wear sexy clubwear, lingerie, transparent catsuits, transparent babydolls, etc….and the men wear (Clean & sexy ) boxers or slips.


First Time??

Our friendly and international staff will show you our club and answer all your questions when you are new or curious about the swingers scene. We will also explain our House rules in our club.

This is especially important for beginners who need to feel safe, unconstrained and able to go at their own pace. Everyone’s boundaries are respected.

Many people find it a thrill and take pleasure in watching other people playing! When the time comes, and it will probably come again, you will be watched also!

It is never a obligation to have sex with others! You can come here and enjoy the atmosphere without feeling uncomfortable.

Our Guests are Spanish Residents & International Tourists, between 22 and 60 years old. Every week other people and every day another atmosphere. Our guests make the night….everyone with his own fantasy and limits. We never can tell you upfront, what night will be good for you.

Just try it…and see if you like it!


birthday parties

If there’s one thing we know at Club Mystique, it’s to celebrate.

Spend your birthday with us in a relaxed, sexy and respectfull ambiance, surrounded by other liberal minded couples

Send us a message for all the details for this birthday (or your partner as a surprise) and we’ll make sure you get the party you like surrounded by your liberal minded friends.

**Keep in mind that we only organise a birthday party for a group (minimum 6 couples) of people & we need to talk in person before we can plan something special !

A birthday that you will remember forever & never forget !!!!



* What is the best night for us?

A frequently asked question and difficult to answer. This depends on what you are looking for and your fantasies.

If you wannt to have a chat at the bar/sofas/corner, mixed with Couples and Singles, then the weekdays are probably the best day´s for you. There is NOT a “Best Day”, because every week other people are visiting our club and every night a different atmosphere! All depends on the people visiting…….

Do you feel more at home amongst lots of Couples and single ladies?  Then try the Saturday ! Always busy and crowded, lots of dancing, showing off in lingerie. People start playing in the back a little later in the night.

If you are looking for a erotic evening to experience the most “action fantasies with more singles”, we can recommend Friday evening. We always work with a limited amount of single men but still enof more then weekdays because there are also more couples.

But remember…..more people does not automatically mean more action or hotter parties.

More questions and answers here

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